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From the Idea to the Project

In the beginning of any of our offers there is only an idea.

Then this idea gradually takes shape and convinces more and more people.

The friends of the idea are subdivided into those who want to actively participate in putting it in concrete terms and developing it, and those who are interested in the results of this work. Both groups can contribute a great deal to the success of the project and benefit from it for themselves.

That is why we will give an updated overview of new ideas as well as of running projects.

Every subject will only be presented briefly. You will find further information on project-specific pages for all ideas which have been put in sufficiently concrete terms.

If you aleady have an idea for a new project on this site, please click here.

As soon as your idea was accepted, it will be added to the table below and described in a page of its own as being “in preparation”, and it will not be attributed to any other person.


Do not hesitate to send us even insufficiently well thought-out ideas, incomplete proposals, or problems without foreseeable solutions. Our joined forces will perhaps bring the desired result.

But do not throw yourself into any important work without prior consultation, even if you enjoy it a great deal. It is always better to talk to one another first. Among others, this will give us better opportunities of  avoiding competing developments for the same project or conflicts with other people’s rights.

Please note the indications concerning our price policy and our royalties.

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Overview of Ideas and Projects

If you noticed that one of our current or planned projects might violate a third party’s rights, please be so kind to draw our attention to it in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive legal measures for us. For the different ways of contacting us, see the Contacts page. Thank you very much indeed!

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Interesting inscriptions accessible in public places

Misplaced Monuments

Monuments that are no more located where they should be


Interesting quotations that are possibly not to be found in collections available in libraries


All sorts of services around languages and literature


Translations that are not to be found in libraries

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