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Personal Data, i.e. the one-man enterprise named Hans-Rudolf Hower, will use its users' and customers' personal data exclusively for its correspondance and affairs with these persons or enterprises and will never give knowledge of these data to any third party. We don't even transmit personal data of our visitors to our partners.


Additionally, has no longer been installing cookies on the users' computers, since April 1, 2016.

Transitional Period

  • Cookies installed before April 1, 2016, can continue their activities. But you can delete all of them or selected ones using the corresponding browser options.
  • Another problem may occur if you have configured your browser to use a chronicle of the pages read. In that case, unmodified pages continuing to install cookies may be loaded from the chronicle instead of the more recent versions available on the Web. If you want to be sure to always load the most recent version of a page, for some transitional time you should delete the chronicle of your browser at the beginning of any Internet session or configure your browser to no more use a chronicle.
  • External Links

  • In spite of of our supervision, external links may lead you to sites whose contents we do not agree with. In advance we distance ourselves from any unlawful, inflammatory, insulting, inhuman, discriminating, pornographic or discreditable contents. Please report us any such occurring contents in order to enable us to remove the concerned external links.
  • External links may lead you to sites that use cookies. If you do not want that, you should not follow any external links. You can recognize an external link by its target address, which does not contain "". That address will be displayed on the bottom of the page if you hold the mouse pointer on the link without moving or clicking. As long as you do not follow external links, the external sites will not be able to install cookies on your computer. For any external link you can decide yourself whether visiting the external site is more or less important for you than possible privacy problems.

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