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This website is meant to become a meeting-place of all those who are fond of language(s) and literature.

Proposals for further development of these pages are not only possible, but really desired. Simply send us a mail!

And these are the introductory topics of this page:

Contents - Our Prices - A Language Selection Somewhat Special - Let’s Make it Happen Together - Legal Issues - Have Fun Now


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Loch Lomond (Scotland, United Kingdom)
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Today we are still at the beginning of this venture, but we hope we will soon be able to present you a much bigger number of offers that satisfy a very large range of linguistic needs and interests. More and more frequently these pages should therefore answer questions of the following types:

Couldn’t we make this lesson paper once for all?

What meant the text of that memorial plaque in Brno last year?

Who can rapidly tell me the contents of this foreign paper?

How could I read foreign texts without constantly searching a dictionary?

How does a cyclist’s anatomy change at high speed?

Why did the Rhine river meet the Isar in Munich?

Various types of texts and pictures (as well as links for such) will be presented. Just have a glance at the following examples:

  • Readily comprehensible texts on linguistic and literary topics
  • Scientific linguistic and literary texts
  • Literary texts (e.g. short stories, poems)
  • Reviews and personal reading experiences
  • Continuous vocabularies for reading in foreign languages
  • Translations
  • Humorous texts, howlers, cartoons, and similar
  • etc.
  • Though language always is the starting point as well as the central issue, we will try and combine business with pleasure,
    not considering foreign languages in an isolated way, but - as far as corresponding offers are available - in context with their countries,
    including culture, touristic possibilities and typical products.

    If you want to see the existing offers, please click on Offers.

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    Our Prices

    For the moment most of the offers are entirely free, and many of them will remain so. But we think there will be more and more offers which a reasonable price should be paid for. If an author or a company invests much time and money for an offer, it is but justice to give him/her a reward.

    For further information on our price policy, please click here.

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    A Language Selection Somewhat Special

    In the various languages offered here as a user interface you will not find absolutely the same offers. If an offer is only interesting in a certain language, it will only be presented in this language. It may occur that the same offer presents different contents in different languages. That is why you should think of selecting another language when you are looking for a very language-specific offer.

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    Let’s Make it Happen Together!

    A lot of things we are planning to do will only work if we get strong partners and manage to have a lively exchange of ideas with all of you. Hence note our offers of partnership, collaboration, and dialogue.

    If you want to propose a new offer of your own, you should read our ideas about collaboration right now.

    For our statements on the authors’ rewards click here.

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    Legal Issues

    All signed offers remain the authors’ properties and exclusively represent the authors’ opinions. These need not absolutely correspond with the opinion of the owner of this site. All unsigned offers are properties of the owner of this site.

    Any commercial use of an offer must be authorised in writing by its owner.

    We do not want to violate or even diminish one’s rights by the contents of this site. If, however, this occurred unintentionally, please inform us.
    After clarifying the situation we will remove the contents giving cause of complaint from the net as soon as possible.

    The owner of the site reserves the right to refuse certain offers or to remove them from the net.
    To be fair, he will first discuss the situation with the author if the current circumstances allow him to do so.

    Offers unlawful, especially libellous, pornographic, glorifying violence, racist, calling for hate, or violating human rights otherwise,
    shall get no chance on this site, not even indirectly, by appropriate electronic links. In any case we dissociate ourselves from all such contents in advance. They do not express the site owner’s opinion and were introduced here respectively made accessible from here by electronic links without our knowledge.

    Please inform us if in spite of our checks intolerable contents or links as explained above crept in, so that we will be able to remove those things very fast.

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    Have Fun Now!

    Now have a look at our pages. To go to the various offers, click on Areas of Interest here or on the big red circle at the top of this page. Please consider our pages from a user’s viewpoint as well as from a potential service supplier’s. Haven’t you wanted to publish something on the net for a long time?

    If you have suggestions or questions about the existing offers, want to propose a contribution of your own, or simply desire further information, click on Contacts on these pages.

    Thank you very much for your visit! Please come back soon because there will often be something new! You can see what is new in this site simply clicking on What is new?.


    For the whole site:

    © 2002 - 2005 Hans-Rudolf Hower, Munich, Germany

    Alle Rechte vorbehalten

    Tous droits reservés

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