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For the moment our Blog still exists,

but we'll have to say good-bye before long. Why that?

  • The number of our blog's visitors has always been insignificant.
  • Most of our visitors have always preferred to discuss by e-mail rather than on the blog.
  • Most of our blog visitors have been spammers.
  • That is why we'll soon erase all of the blog contents. If you've special desires as for transferring certain blog contents to pages, please tell us! Thank you in advance!

    IMPORTANT: The on-line dictionaries can already be reached starting from the home page and from My Personal Library (room C007).


    But even without the blog, life can be nice. First of all, go on a journey or allow yourself a pleasant shopping tour!


    Want to go on vacation to Sardinia?   Fine!   But were to stay?

    Whether you're looking for a room, a flat, a holiday home, a boat, a hotel, a farm, a guest house
    or any other accomodation, with full, half or no board, you can find it on:


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    Want to have a little shopping tour? Here we go!

    Use the research of your favorite amazon site! You can search for different criteria
    (e. g. product group, designation, author's name, title, ISBN / ASIN number).
    There will never be any obligation to buy.

    A m a z o n   P o r t a l s

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    Last updated: July 30, 2019