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France - Central Europe

Dialogues France-Europe centrale

le site de référence des cultures centre-européennes


Plastic Waste

Plastic waste decomposes itself to tiny particles, penetrates into the waters above and below ground and from there into the food chain of the animal and human world, where it damages their genetic material. You can find fellow campaigners against this danger on ONE EARTH - ONE OCEAN (non-profit organization).

This page briefly presents our various areas of interest. If you want to know more details of a particular area, click on its name in the "Area of Interest" column of the table below. If you miss an area in this list, please tell us clicking here or using the Contacts page). Perhaps we will be able to help you.

If you noticed that one of our offers might violate a third party’s rights, please be so kind to draw our attention to it in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive legal measures for us. For the different ways of contacting us, see the Contacts page. Thank you very much indeed!

Areas of Interest

Countries & Journeys

Touristic sights and hints, especially unusual ones.

Inscriptions on the Wayside

Interesting, memorable, doubious, amusing inscriptions of all kinds, mostly presented with a photo, the transcription and translation of the text, and personal comments.

Languages after the Construction of the Tower of Babel

Quotations of literature, newspapers, and other texts, commented and often maliciously interpreted.

Misplaced Monuments

This subject has been transferred to the Inscriptions.

My Personal Library

Discussion of books I read, including very interesting or amusing ones as well as boring ones, with international online bookstore references.

Poetry in rhymes and in prose

All sorts of serious or amusing poetry.

Quotations & Interpretations

Quotations of literature, newspapers, and other texts, commented and often maliciously interpreted.

Verbaliter’s Small Ad

Small advertisement for commercial or free services compatible with the general area of interest of this site.

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The English user interface of currently consists of about 157 pages.

To access the English-written pages that instead of being related to a particular area of interest concern the whole site, please go to General Subjects.

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