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This page is not meant to compete with any of those relevant books. Its contents will largely come from finds you will (hopefully) send to us. Entries signed "hrh" are my own contributions.

Whenever you find something you do not want to be withheld from the rest of mankind, please send it to us - with indication of its source and possibly with a personal comment.

Different chapters are likely to be gradually formed, and we will separate them as soon as they have got a certain volume (humour, howler, memorable, dubious, etc.). For the beginning this page will be sufficient.

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The Cat and the Cyclist

In her novel La storia (p. 236), Elsa Morante, who is one of the most famous writers of Italian literature anyhow, dares make the following comparison for a little cat:

“essa corse subito a testa bassa e coda alta, come un ciclista in velocità”

(she immediately began to run keeping her head down and her tail up, like a cyclist going fast)

How do you imagine the cycliste on his bike? ;-))

(Fame does not protect a writer from his/her readers’ disrespectfulness...)

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2002

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