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Areas of Interest of Verbaliter

Languages after the Construction of the Tower of Babel

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According to Jewish and Christian mythology, the different human languages were created during the construction of the Tower of Babel as a plague that should prevent mankind from building a tower as high as heaven. It is true that the big number and the diversity of existing languages does not really facilitate communication nor understanding between peoples, but it is also a great part of the cultural and intellectual resources needed by mankind for survival.

These pages will present interesting information and didactic papers concerning different languages spoken in the world. At length there will be (at least let's hope so) interesting matters for everybody, for experts as well as for beginners. But for the moment be patient because such an offer can only be developed very progressively. By the way, everybody can contribute to the development of these pages either by questions, desires, or critiques, or by writing documents, texts, terminologic data, etc. Just tell us!

You can equally present commercial offers here. Let's talk about this!

Please take account of our ideas as for collaboration (which will possibly have to be rediscussed for every new project).

All rights as well as the responsibility for the contents are reserved for the authors, unless different indication.


Families of Languages

Germanic Languages

Romance Languages

Further families of languages will be added when required.

Germanic Languages


English (project)


Further languages will be added when required.

Romance Languages


French (project)

Further languages will be added when required.

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