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Inscriptions of Ingolstadt

Patrona Bavariae


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Downtown in Ingolstadt, on the crossing of Theresienstraße and Goldknopfgasse, you can see the inscription described here.

Photo Ingolstadt: Patrona Bavariae

General view





Photos: Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2011

Photo Ingolstadt: inscription of Patrona Bavariae


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Original Text (in Latin)

Patrona Bavariae


Patron Saint of Bavaria

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This sculpture with its inscription shows that Ingolstadt is situated in Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern), which is one of Bavaria's mainly Roman catholic parts. There is no comparable veneration of Holy Mary in protestantism and the idea of patron saints is a very catholic one. The homepage of the Historical Association of Ingolstadt (Historischer Verein Ingolstadt) clearly explains the local situation: "Im Ingolstädter Gebiet kam es zu keiner Gemeindebildung der neuen Lehre. Die Auseinandersetzung mit ihr gipfelte in Einzelschicksalen, literarischen Fehden und militärischen Operationen." (On the territory of Ingolstadt, no parish was founded for the new [protestant] doctrine that never meant more than individual fates, literary altercations and military operations.)

See also the Patrona Bavariae sculpture in Munich.

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Municipality of Ingolstadt

Official site (German language).


In the English Wikipedia.

Encyclopaedic article on the city of Ingolstadt.

City map of Ingolstadt

By Google Maps.

Zoomable city map of Ingolstadt.

Epochen der Universität Ingolstadt Reformation und Gegenreformation

On the homepage of the Historical Association of Ingolstadt.

According to the chapter dealing with the reformation and the counterreformation no protestant parish was founded during those epochs.

Patrona Bavariae

In the German Wikipedia.

Detailed encyclopaedic article on Holy Mary's veneration in Bavaria.

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Arrival by Public Transport

For the arrival in Ingolstadt, see Inscriptions of Ingolstadt.

Looking at the front of the Old Cityhall (Altes Rathaus), take the Moritzstraße on the left of the cityhall up to the Theresienstraße, where you turn to the left. Always going straight ahead on the left side of that street you will arrive at the crossing with the Goldknopfgasse where our sculpture and inscription are on the left.

Indications concerning the arrival correspond to our personal knowledge or even experience, but we cannot assume any responsibility for their rightness. When you are reading this page, things may have changed in reality.

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2012

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