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Inscriptions of Ingolstadt

Bittelmaier Aid Fund


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Downtown in Ingolstadt you can see a lot of historical buildings. And on one of them you will find the inscription described here.

Photo in Ingolstadt: general view of the Bittelmaier house

General view

Photo in Ingolstadt: inscription of the Bittelmaier house






Photo in Ingolstadt: line of houses with the Bittelmaier house

Line of houses with the Bittelmaier house


All the photos of this page:
Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2011

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Original Text (in German)

In diesem Hause starb
am 2. Februar 1838
der k. Kreis- u. Stadt-
Gerichts Assessor

F. F. Bittelmaier,

Stifter eines
für die hilfsbedürftigen
Kranken der Stadt


The assessor of the royal
district and city court

F. F. Bittelmaier,

donator of an
aid fund for the
city's sick people in need,
died in this house
on February 2, 1838.

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Up to now, I have not found any trace of F. F. Bittelmaier on the Web, in spite of what he managed to do for sick people in need in Ingolstadt. Nowadays we are used to frequently get to know the foundation of all sorts of aid funds throughout the world but in the first half of the 19th century Bittelmaier's initiative was a rather astonishing one. And it was even more astonishing because Bittelmaier was only a judge on approval, which was not a very stable situation.

Apparently Bittelmaier died before definitely becoming a judge. Was he old? I ignore all about his date of birth. Was he rich by heritage? If he had been poor, he would not have been able to create an aid fund.

There are lots of questions I can not answer for the moment.

If you have any more information, please tell us! Thank you very much indeed!

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The City

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The Inscription

Richter auf Probe

In the German Wikipedia.

Encyclopaedic article on the "Gerichtsassessor" job designation used in our inscription. This ancient term that designates a young judge on approval is still being used in a similar way in German.

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Arrival by Public Transport

For the arrival in Ingolstadt, see Inscriptions of Ingolstadt.

Looking at the front of the Old Cityhall (Altes Rathaus), take the Moritzstraße on the left of the cityhall up to Ludwigstraße / Theresienstraße, where you turn to the left and continue straight ahead till you see the house and the inscription on the right side of the street.

Indications concerning the arrival correspond to our personal knowledge or even experience, but we cannot assume any responsibility for their rightness. When you are reading this page, things may have changed in reality.

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2012

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