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Inscriptions of Germany

Inscriptions of Fürstenfeldbruck


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In Fürstenfeldbruck you can find some interesting inscriptions.

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Photo FFB: Church of horse blessing

Church of horse blessing

Photo FFB: Aumühle

Aumühle (former mill)

Photo FFB: Fürstenfeld monastery

Fürstenfeld monastery


Photo FFB: emperor's memorial near Puch

Emperor's memorial near Puch

Photos: Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2007

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Inscriptions of Fürstenfeldbruck

Assassination of Maria von Brabant (German)

Horse blessing (project)

Death of emperor Louis IV, called the Bavarian

Dachau Concentration Camp Prisoners' Death March (German)

Saint Edigna's abode (project)

Our list of inscriptions is still small but will hopfully grow longer. If you want to contribute, please tell me! Thank you very much indeed!

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Municipality of Fürstenfeldbruck

Official pages


In the English Wikipedia

Detailed encyclopaedic article on the municipality of Fürstenfeldbruck and its history.

Fürstenfeld Abbey

In the English Wikipedia

Detailed encyclopaedic article on the Fürstenfeld Abbey and its history.

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Arrival by Public Transport

The fastest way to Fürstenfeldbruck goes via Munich. From there to Fürstenfeldbruck, there is a direct S-Bahn line.

Indications concerning the arrival correspond to our personal knowledge or even experience, but we cannot assume any responsibility for their rightness. When you are reading this page, things may have changed in reality.

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Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2015

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