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Inscriptions of Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

Inscriptions of Biberach / Riss

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Biberach on Riss, former free town of the German Empire, is not only a nice little town nowadays, but also a gold mine for inscriptions that show the importance Biberach had in the past. The historical monuments and events are well-documented on the sites, but unfortunately do all the inscriptions only exist in German. That is what our pages try to remedy...

Photo Biberach/Riss: General view

General view

Photo Biberach/Riss: Former town gate

Former town gate

Photo Biberach/Riss: Central square and church

Central square and church


Photos: Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2003

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Inscriptions of Biberach

Catholique and protestant church (project)

Christ‘s passion (project)

Christoph Martin Wieland (French, German)

Comedy in the slaughterhouse (French)

Court action about the shade of a donkey (French, German, Italian)

Expellees from the east (French)

General locum tenens of Orleans (project)

History of Biberach (project)

New townhall (project)

Postal horse station (project)

Ströhlin palace (project)

Tithe warehouse (project)

White Tower (German)

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Großer historischer Weltatlas (Bayerischer Schulbuchverlag), Volume 3 (Modern Times)

Historical atlas for German highschools

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District of Biberach/Riss

Official site (German language).

Municipality of Biberach/Riss

Official site (German language). After selecting "Tourist Info" you will get informations about accommodation, holiday packages, cultural events, etc.

Philomena Franz

Biography in French and Spanish presenting the Sinti dancer, singer, actress, and finally writer Philomena Franz, born in Biberach in 1922, survivor of the concentration camps, awarded the highest German order of merit in 1955 for "her activities for comprehension and reconciliation".

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Arrival by Public Transport

The nearest international airports are Stuttgart and Munich. From there you can take a direct train to Ulm, where you have to change to a regional train going to Biberach/Riss. Even from Paris (Gare de l’est) and Strasbourg, there are direct trains to Ulm. From the airports of Zürich and Basel/Mulhouse, however, train connections are more complicated and may demand several changes, the last one mostly taking place at Aulendorf.

The railway station is somewhat out of the town, but it is only a few minutes' walk. By the way, all the monuments of the medieval town are reachable on foot.

Indications concerning the arrival correspond to our personal knowledge or even experience, but we cannot assume any responsibility for their rightness. When you are reading this page, things may have changed in reality.

For regional, national, and international trains, see the online information of the Deutsche Bahn.

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2004

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