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Inscriptions of Germany (Bavaria)

Inscriptions of Munich

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Munich (München) has all sorts of known historical periods – as shown by the diversity of the inscriptions.

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Photo Munich: Triumphal Arch

Photo Munich: White Rose



Glory and destruction

Photo Munich: Destroyed Synagogue

All the photos of this page: Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2002

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Inscriptions of Munich

Center of the City

All Saints Court Church (Italian)

Ancient Court (project)

Army Museum (German, Italian)

Bavarian Mint (project)

Brentano House (project)

Church of the Carmelite Nuns (project)

Court Bakery (Italian)

Edlinger House (project)

Ellmayer House (project)

Hungarian Millennium (French, German, Hungarian)


Lodge of Military Chiefs (Italian)

Main Entrance of the New Cityhall (Italien)

Main Synagogue (French, German, Italian)

Marstall (Italian)

Orlando’s house (German, Italian)

Patrona Bavariae

Rupert Mayer (project)

Schack Gallery of Paintings

Sendlinger Tor

St. Corbinian Church (project)

Tyutczev’s House (French, German)

White Rose

Wolves Gorge (project)

North of the Center

Assassination in the Olympic Village (project)

Berlin Wall Memorial (German)

Greek Temple of the English Garden

Greeks’ Struggle for Independence

Kleinhesselohe Lake, First Installation (German)

Lion of Liberty

Obelisk for 30,000 Bavarians that Died in Russia

St. Boniface Church (German)

Triumphal Arch (French, German, Italian)

West of the Center

Airplane crash (Italian)

Dachau Concentration Camp Prisoners' Death March

Galician Wayside Cross (German)

Thai temple in the Westpark (German)

South of the Center

Bomb Assassination During the Munich Oktoberfest

Spanish War of Succession:

- Battle of Aidenbach (German)

- Christmas Blood-Bath of Sendling (German)

East of the Center

The Rhine in Munich

Right Bank of the Isar

Failed assassination attempt against Hitler

Political Murders at Wiener Platz (German)

All Over the City

Graffiti (project)

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Munich, Bavaria and the Black Forest
(Lonely Planet Country & Regional Guides)

A guide to southern Germany. English. English. English. English.

(Cadogan Guides)

A specialized guide to Bavaria. English. English. English. English.

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In the English Wikipedia.

Detailed encyclopaedic article on the Free State of Bavaria.


Official site of the city of Munich (in several languages).


In the English Wikipedia.

Detailed encyclopaedic article on the city of Munich.

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Arrival by Public Transport

From England you can go to Paris - Strasbourg, Brussels (Bruxelles) - Cologne (Köln) or Amsterdam where there are direct trains to Munich.

From northern Europe there are many possibilities to go via Hamburg or Berlin, and there is a direct night train from Copenhague (København, Köbenhamn).

From the west or center of Spain, the shortest way is via Bordeaux - Paris, but from the east you might better go via Lyon - Strasbourg.

In Poland, there are direct trains from Warsaw (Warszawa) and Katowice. But from Cracovia (Kraków) / Katowice it may also be interesting for you to first go to Vienna (Wien) - with the inconvenience to have to go from Wien Südbahnhof to Wien Westbahnhof by taxi or tramway (40 minutes).

In the Czech Republik, there are direct trains from Prague (Praha) Hlavní Nádrazí. If you do not mind changing trains, there is another nice journey via Bayrisch Eisenstein and Plattling.

From south-eastern Europe you can go via Vienna (Wien), Graz, Klagenfurt, or Villach where there are direct trains (or at least direct coaches) to Munich.

Indications concerning public transport correspond to our personal knowledge or even experience, but we cannot assume any responsibility for their rightness. When you are reading this page, things may have changed in reality.

For national and international trains, see the online information of the Deutsche Bahn.

For regional, suburban, and city connections see the online information of the Münchner Verkehrsverbund (MVV).

If you would like to discover Munich by bike: Call-a-Bike

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2003

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